2nd/3rd November 2002

I teamed up with the famous Dave Jones for this trip, partly because driving all the way to East Grinstead in a Samurai didnt sound very appealing and partly because it was cheaper!

Met up with Dave at the Tamworth services on the A5, and set off. that Vit leans and rolls more than a bouncy castle! but it did feel great looking down on all the other normal 4x4s. About 30 mins into the trip there started a strange knocking/clunking noise. we stopped and looked but couldnt see anything and throughout the trip it got progressively worse. we arrived for the copthorne night driving event only half an hour late after spending 20 minutes searching a stupid little town for a petrol station, that in the end didnt have one!

Eventually at copthorne the convoy swung back to the entrance to pick us up where we joined the action. Not quite as exciting as it was hyped up to be, but nevertheless it was an enjoyable evening, even if it was over a little too quickly.

We trundled back to Mr John 'stumpy' Sackleys house with the noises from underneath worse than ever. A quick takeaway before retiring to bed. We were woken with an excellent breakfast cooked by Andie before John fixed Daves truck. The rear prop was on the way out, this problem was overcome by nicking the prop off Andies Vit and putting it on Daves.

We set off for the second event of the weekend at Woodlands, Kent. Following that awsome Vit of Mr Sackley on 35" tyres and an exhaust note that sounds like a jet fighter! Arrived at Woodlands and met up with James Holloway, James Holland, Geoff from Bristol and Joe in his beautiful LJ. Then the off roading began.

Was too busy having fun to take many photos. Until the alternator gave up, that is! we limped off the site in search of a jetwash and eventually found one. Went back to Johns to pick up our stuff and everything seemed to be working again. Set off for home with more clunking and knocking noises. This was eventually found out to be the brake shoes, pads and cylinders giving up after being covered in liquid mud and run at motorway speeds for 200 miles. Another expensive bill. Oh well, same again next year Dave?