15th September 2002

This was the first 4x4 Funday event I had been to, held at Mow Cop, just north of Stoke.

Due to a slight error in calculating how long it would take to get there, I arrived first, about 9.35. But i was promptly joined by a pair of SJs, who got into full swing.

I had a drive round the site to see what it was all about, and did a bit of off roading before it got too boggy. Picked up the only damage of the day at this time; bent the towbar electrics and the rear mud flap fixtures.

Went back to the entrance to wait for the less-than-punctual Mr Jones, who arrived no more than 30 secs after i switched the engine off. excellent timing. Went off to watch the recovery of two land rovers from the gulley. Well, i say two land rovers, one definitely was, but the other was a green thing which bore only a slight resemblances to one.

By now the food van had arrived and off went Dave in a trance like state at the mention of this. Thanks for the 'birthday' cup of coffee! Met up with Jamie (Jam) who told me that as soon as he arrived on site his Samurai carb packed up idling, bloody typical. Later found out that it started behaving normally again on the way back home. (you must have pissed someone or something off mate, the off-road gods were definately not smiling on you!)

Later met up with Sawdust and the father-in-law in a Santana. Watched an SJ410 being rescued from the gulley, wouldnt have been so bad, but the thing only had road tyres on!

Then another nutter hurled a new shape Trooper into the humps section, he cleared the first two but got stuck on the final one. Mr Jones was called into action once again with his winch. the Trooper had ripped out one of the rear lights and limped off while making a grating noise from the rear suspension/exhaust area.

Did some more off roading, saw there was a small crowd round the bombhole at the bottom of the site and went to investigate. many people were tying their luck at this. A black Jeep CJ went through, then a LR90 which ended up in the trees and had to be winched out. A Toyota Hilux went through with plenty of enthusiasm. twice. Then Jamie had a go, a valiant effort with a knackered carb! winch to the rescue.

And Dave Sturmey showed everyone how it should be done in his Samurai based Blitz. Finally we got together for a group photo, had a last drive round and went our separate ways.