22nd/23rd June 2002

A 5-vehicle convoy up the M1 on Saturday started off this years event. Emily lead setting the pace in her Santana making sure no-one recieved a speeding ticket! behind her was my zuke, Andy in the pimpmobile, Walter in a modified GV2000 and finally Sharron in a Vitara with showy offy neon lights underneath.

At Tong, the evening commenced with the consumption of alcohol and a BBQ (cheers Andy!) James Holloway went out on an expedition to collect firewood, for the campfire which burnt on into the early hours of the morning. Dave Jones kept the monsters away by lying next to the fire and snoring very loudly. A short night and very little sleep followed.

Sunday arrived with bright sunshine and warm temperatures, leaving all but the very hardcore off road tracks covered in a fine dust which got everywhere! Thanks to my chauffeur for the day, Jon, who drove me round the course in the back of his SJ410. For a standard SJ with MTs it did surprisingly well, especially in a forced stop and start in a pool of mud. The only real problem was the 'detachable' transfer box, but some wire and gaffa tape sorted that inconvenience.

It wouldnt be an off road event without Dave Jones getting stuck, (what IS it about that foldaway shovel???) this time managing to coat James Holloway in a thick layer of mud. Revenge or accident? The day ended far too early, but with satisfied faces all round. perhapse next year we can pre-book the weather to give heavy showers on the few days before the event, just to add a little more excitement to the off roading! See you there next year...



Peter Burgess Vitara JLX
Michelle Newton Jimny
Neil Wade Grand Vitara
Craig Langley Grand Vitara
Dave Jones Vitara
Mark Farrar SJ
BEST MODIFIED - sponsored by KAP
Paul Tetlow SJ