13th October 2002

Met up with Jamie and Alan at the Tibshelf services on the M1, and set off in convoy, destination Tong.

Two Samurais and one SJ (the latter being on a trailer towed by Alans Frontera). We arrived at Tong and met up with Dave in his Vitara and Debbie in her Samurai. Did some off roading, Jamie tackled the famous Rubi-tong rock crawling section, and, after a valiant effort, returned with a smoking clutch.

Back by the burger van, Debbie turned up while we were standing around chatting.
"Seen a rear wheel-arch for a samurai on your travels?" she asked
"Err, no why?"
"Ive lost one!"
Sure enough, there was a space above one of the rear wheels where once there was a wheel arch. A search party was sent out but to no avail. This, later turned into a full scale mud fight between me and 'Her-with-3-wheel-arches' My zuke ended up with globs of mud all over it. I got my revenge when she went to the loo, and hastily drove off before she returned. HA HA!

Alan left the site early, leaving me and jamie to have a final drive round before we set off in convoy just before 5pm.

*NO PHOTOS* - film failed to wind on in camera.