1st September 2002

The National 4x4 And British Off Road Motorsport show - to give it its full title - was spread over three days, from Friday the 30th August til Sunday 1st September.

Held at Trentham Gardens, near Stoke, the weather couldnt have been better, Although i am told by those hardy/daft soles that camped over that the nights were freezing. I could only attend on the Sunday due to work, and parked my zuke on the North West Rhinos stand which had merged with the Rhino Riders.

Had a wander round the show looking at the other stands, including the mahindra stand which had more Suzukis than Mahindras! (and there were only two Suzukis!!) Went round the 'scenic' off road course in Jon Rowlands SJ410. dont know about anyone else, but i didnt see much. A word of warning, DO NOT attempt that in a leaf-sprung vehicle, all i can say is that it was a good job Jon has a soft top! Saw Dave Jones Vitara on the Specialist Leasure stand, which appeared to be sponsored by Rhino Riders?!? And that basically was it. For a full weekend long report and photos of what the RhinoRiders got up to, visit Emilys website