5th December 2002

After a steady 2.5 hr drive, i met up with most of the crew at the Ponderosa cafe on the Horseshoe pass. I arrived at 10.30, at the same time as the inescapable Dave Jones, who had co-planned the route.

Ten minutes later Debbie turned up and spent the next ten minutes attempting to attach a pair of fluffy antlers to her SJ (To give her credit, they did stay on for the remainder of the day!)

When we had everyone, we set off in convoy to Llangollen. I left my Zuke in the car park (I dont have MTs and it was very wet!) and hitched a ride in the back of Jamies well sorted Samurai.

We tackled the first part of the trail with ease, only Debbie needed a tow on a couple of occasions (was it because of the driver or the road tyres? ahem!) We encounted a heard of cattle blocking the gate which we wanted to pass through. Daves brother (sorry mate, cant remember your name!) was dispatched and cleared them with ease. Later on we met something far worse, a group of L@nd R*vers coming the other way. we pulled off the track to let them pass. (Ever noticed you always get one in a wierd hat?!)

Further on we stopped at a pub for a swift pint before setting off again for the second half of the expedition. Up to the top of a mountain where it was starting to get dark and very cold.

A brief snowball fight later and we were all back in our respective vehicles. The rest of the trail was completed in darkness a very interesting experience. Back to Llangollen we went, stopped at the chippie then we all went our separate ways.

An interesting day out. Thanks Dave for organising it, and thanks Jamie (and Susie) for the lift round in your Samurai.