30th March 2003

Arrived at Colins house to go down to the site in convoy. Alan and Matt turned up and the SJ was trailored down behind Colins Nissan with me following to make sure nothing fell off!

Got to the site and found it was mainly Suzukis there. wahay! But, as beautiful as the weather was the ground was just too hard and had set with huge ruts making driving extremely bumpy and uncomfortable, there were some mud pools remaining though. we had a play in a small dug out 'quarry' area seeing if we could get the front wheels off the ground!

Next we watched a recovery of a land rover. After, we found a Range Rover half submerged and wedged in a pool of mud, and with a dead engine! Colin set to trying to free it but the 970ccs of the SJ weren't powerful enough to pull it out (!) So colin resorted to taking a run up and yanking the RR out. after about 30 attempts the RR was free, which must say something for the strength of SJs lashing hooks on the front! It even bent the shackle! although the clutch started complaining.

We went and had some dinner and carried on in the afternoon. Found a couple of good mud runs (did you stick to the blanket 5mph speed limit Alan?!?) somehow amongst the fun, colins SJ lost its radiator overflow bottle and promptly overheated. I towed the SJ up to the top (this is getting to be a habit eh, alan?) where a makeshift one was lashed together!

We continued with the fun until the end and returned to Colins house to watch the video of the day. sadly due to some, err, technical difficulties on colins part, the video was mostly worm-watching! ah well, at least we got some good pics!