3rd May 2003

I met up with James Holloway and Ian Warren at 10.00pm in Ripley. We set off for Bakewell in the Peak District. Once we arrived i picked out a gentle lane to begin with that included a fun spot in the shape of a small quarry.

We started up the lane and had some fun in the quarry, driving up banks etc. We moved on, out the other side and found a very uneven area. James found some ruts exactly the same width as his wheelbase. That took a bit of getting out of! james came over to me "Go and have fun. if you get stuck we'll pull you out" Ok! i spotted Ian's lights a little way across this rough bit so i thought id go and join him. It looks like he went this way, so off i go, when suddenly the front end falls into a big hole! (it turns out Ian went round this obstacle!) Im well and trully stuck so James yanks me out. no damage done.

We rejoin the main track and theres a loud squealing from Ians truck. we stop and find out his bearings gone. GAME OVER! We set off for home, I escort Ian down the M1 to my turn off in case anything falls off, but hes ok. Get home much earlier than planned and go to bed. look forward to next time.