22nd November 2003

James Holloway had come down to the East Midlands for the weekend, all the way from Carlisle. He stayed with his brother in Nottingham in order that he could come on tomorrows eXtreme club laning trip. We decided we would meet up on the saturday for a drink or possibly go laning.

I met up with James at 6pm outside Pizza Hut in Nottm, after spending ages trying to find it! We picked up James' brother Greg and went back to his house for a natter. I'd brought along my OS maps of Notts and Sherwood Forest, and we decided that we'd go and have a look at the lanes in Nottinghamshire. By the time we left it was gone 7.30pm, and very very dark.

First port-of-call was the petrol station for fuel (and supplies!)

Two very sexy trucks glistening under the harsh artificial lights of civilisation. Check out the new 215/75 Colway MTs, this was the first trip that they were to be used in anger!


The start of the first track, Longhedge Lane. We were out in the middle of nowhere really, which ment there was no glare from street lights / residential areas to spoil the pitch black-ness. Spotlights a go-go.


This was nice and getle to begin with but did get very, very slippy due to all the recent rain.


Spots lighting up the route ahead nicely


ARGHH, THE TRUCKS ON FIRE! Only jokin, we stop so Susie and Greg can have a fag break. nice artistic snap that!


Driving between the lanes was rather interesting. We tried driving with no lights down the unlit country roads, definately not for the faint hearted! don't worry, we only did it on straight bits where we could see the road was clear.

We move onto the next lane, a BOAT that runs through Redmile and out the other side. This lane envolves driving across a ploughed field and along the edges of several more. With all the rain it was soo slippy, the steering was pretty redundant really and we just followed the contours of the track. By the end of it, all the mud that was stuck to my new Colways made them look like Grizzlies! Far too slippy to walk on, so we made Greg get out to open the gates! Didnt get any snaps of this one though.


Another gentle but rutted lane


Greg playing with the different modes on his new camera


We do another couple of lanes. One of them goes of the edge of the OS map so we decide to have a look. We have to turn round as it comes to a dead end in the form of a bridleway. See how good we are, even under the cover of night we don't drive on bridleways!



Well thats pretty much it, and the trucks end up filthy. Greg gets back in with James for the journey home, and we depart. Its gone midnight by the time i get back.

Laning at night really is fantastic, it is so much different from daylight. Plus with the added bonus of NO RAMBLERS!