26th January 2003

This was the first club event of the newly formed Suzuki Storm Midland and North Suzuki 4x4 Club. Only myself, Jamie Cooper and Alan Bowman could make it though.

We met up (some of us feeling a little worse for wear) at a pub in Ambergate, and set off to do some lanes I had recently researched, in the Peak District.

The first took us up a tricky little section with a washed out gulley running up one side. After a few attempts the standard Samurai on road tyres was up, closely followed by Jamie in his 2" lifted Samurai.

We stopped to take a couple of piccies and admire the view over the valley into the distance.

After a couple more lanes we stopped for dinner at a pub, and the set off along some more tracks. After going down a couple of nice muddy farm tracks, we came onto another lane with a hump strategically placed for some more pictures.

The fog started to close in at this point as it was getting on a bit, so we decided to call it a day.

Thanks to those that turned out!