16th March 2003

This trip was just a trek out with myself and club member Alan Bowman to find a few good lanes for the next club outing. We started off in Ashbourne and tried a few lanes. picked up a 'few' scratches along the way! This was my first trip on my new MTs and Imust say they performed very well.

At around midday we found a nice long lane that was easy-to-moderate terrain. we came to a slightly trickier section and a certain member of our party (not myself) got stuck! HAHA! I reversed up and pulled 'the unnamed one' out. Hoorah, my first recovery! We (read i) decided to abort that run and save that lane until we had a winch with us. just to be on the safe side you understand!

On the way back we passed the most miserable bunch of r*mblers around! of course we recieved the obligatory snide comment about 'what we were doing on here' and 'its for walking you know'. we escaped and stopped at a pub for some dinner.

next up we did a few more lanes and the rest of the trip was rather un-eventful. we said our goodbyes at 4.30 and departed for home.

One thing I can comment on, was the vast amounts of 'OSS SH!T, eh Colin?!