14th July 2003

No sooner had we got back from the Wales camping trip, the following day me and Dan decided to scout some more lanes. The weather was still scorching so i took my roof off for the day (ah, the joys of having a removable hard top eh Dan?) He still hadnt unpacked his zuke of all the camping equipment, so he jumped in my truck. maybe its not the smartest thing to do - scouting lanes with only one vehicle?!

We set off and headed for Stoney Middleton

The first lane took us over some grassland by a farm

The lane got a bit too overgrown further up, so we (read I) decided to turn back.

Onto another lane, this one a bit less overgrown

Some ruts which would be fun in very wet weather

It opens out a bit here

and out of the woods

It gets a bit tight down here

but opens out into some farmland

The track goes between 2 fields

Next we go along another lane which leads into an old quarry

An old french POS that someones chucked off the top of the quarry

Theres some steep banks and obstacles to tackle

A good place to have a bit of fun

They are still blasting near by so its important to keep an eye out for falling rocks.

And out the other end

We found a few good lanes that can be used on a club laning trip, and I can say that its enormous fun laning without a roof, although you do have to watch out for those low hanging branches.