3rd August 2003

Firstly, apologies to those that couldnt come on this trip, i had to limit numbers to 12 vehicles due to a lot of interest. i thought this was a sensible number as we could then have split into 2 groups of 6 down busy lanes. Rest assured there will be another outing for those who couldnt make this one.

Luckily managed to get a new leaf spring fitted in time for this outing. I broke it whilst scouting some lanes for this trip!

Right, on with the event. We met up at the shopping centre in Rowsley...

from right to left; Andy was first to arrive, followed by me & Dan. soon after Brett, Jon, Debbie and Dave turned up in convoy. later Jamie and Dale arrived. notice there are 3 vehicles missing? Dave (#2) arrived shortly after the pic was taken. At 9.30 there were still 2 missing. we were anxious to get going and a phone call revealed a certain person was still at home asleep! not mentioning any names *looks at trevor*. I decided to wait in the car park to see if the final truck turned up, while Dan took the others off laning

This was the first lane on the route, and i think most people were surprised by the severity of it! Come on admit it, you were expecting a nice gentle drive through Derbyshire from me and my 'super shiny' Samurai werent you?! Well i warn you, im getting braver!

Jon makes a meal of it by NEARLY rolling! bloody amateurs!

Jamie going over the washout at the bottom. theres a 6ft ditch just to the right!

Whats that noise??? oh, its only Dave scraping the tree! HAHA

and Dave #2

followed by Debbie

and finally Andy

Next stop was a river crossing in Bakewell

Certainly attracted the attentionof passers by!

Just to PROVE that I did it! (paint was fully hardened that day!)

Traffic jam!

Next a nice drive over the moors


When we approached Stannage Edge, we were told of a group of Jeeps coming the other way. We stopped and had a wander down, while we waited for them to get over the difficult section

Finally they made it up and we set off for the way down. Dan goes first.

followed by Brett

And Dave

Then its MY turn. being spotted by Dan


and Jon with his aerodynamically positioned spotlights!

At this time a certain Mr. Dave (#1) claims to have had a phone call from the ball-and-chain and has to leave early. I suspect this was all a ruse to get out of doing Chapplegate and The Steps. heehee. *ducks as Vitara axle is thrown at my head*

Safely down Stannage we go to the next lane which takes us through a quarry

Where IS she going??? Oh, i forgot Debs can barely see over the steering wheel!

Andys anti-roll bar gets caught up in the spring and has to be repaired. This must have happened on the last climb.

Then Jon and Debbie leave us. Fantastic views from the summit of Chaplegate.

This section at the top of Chapplegate is flooded! Considering when we came here was in the middle of a dry spell and temperatures were in the 30's. Cant wait to drive this in winter!

Over the top and onto...

...The Steps!

By this time it was gone 7.00pm so we called it a day even though we had another couple of lanes to do.

Thanks to everyone that attended and i look forward to the next one!


Thanks to Dan, Brett & Debbie for the pics. i really must get a digital camera!