12th October 2003

This was a laning trip for those club members that couldnt make it to the last one we did. We followed pretty much the same route and did a couple of extra lanes. This time i decided to limit numbers to 8 vehicles, as last time there was too many to manage properly. Those in attendance were:

  •  Me (Matt) - Samurai
  •  Daniel Swain - Samurai
  •  Paul Grantham - Samurai 1.8
  •  Brett Dukes - SJ413
  •  James Hatton - Samurai
  •  Richard Parnham - Samurai on ROAD TYRES!
  •  Steve Fletcher - Vitara
  •  Rob Ashton - Samurai van

The first lane we did was Walton Lees or 'Hand of god' as we have now christened it. This is because you have to turn a 90° corner between two trees, while at the same time dropping down a rock step. If you stop at the right moment, the truck is on 2 wheels and you can put your hand out of the cab and rock yourself by pushing on a tree!

Paul exits the bottom of the obstacle, being careful of the 6ft deep ditch!:


I coach Richard down the first section. This is the last time in the day that his tow bar is straight:


James being careful of the tree:


James wins the prize for most spectacular descent, after he takes a rather awkward line:

Watch the expert do it:


We move on to do another couple of lanes and then regroup on the road:


The caption Brett sent me with this pic was "A thorn between two roses" Fantastic!:


On to the river crossing in Bakewell:


Bretts daughter Becky driving:


No problem for the 1800 Manta powered Samurai of Paul Grantham, a left hooker at that!


Steve Fletcher in the only Vitara of the day:


james gives it some stick:


And Richards tentative first steps into the world of Suzuki:


That is actually ME and NOT a photoshop mock up!:


After a brief stop for dinner, Rob Ashton joined us in his Samurai van. We set off to do some more lanes.

James ascends Stannage Edge with Anna in the back enjoying herself:


Dan, Brett and Paul going off into the distance:


A crowd develops as the Super Shiney Samurai makes its move:


"I wish mine was that clean":


Brett lusting over my new springs and bright red chassis:


Safely down:


Next we set off and conquered Chapplegate and The Steps. We were having so much fun that we didnt get any photos of these lanes. There was a slight incident when Brett rolled into the front of james damaging the bumper. Attempts to pull it forward away from the wheel were semi-successful with the result he now needs a new one!

Finally we made it to my nemesis: TENTERHILL! I was defeated by this lane once before, but was determined to do it this time. I dont know what all the fuss was about really! Thanks to Pauls passenger for spotting for me on the way down (sorry, Im useless with names!)

Steve at the bottom on the valley floor:


Rob joins him, sporting broken fog light!:


Followed by James and his re-shaped front bumper:


The queue at the bottom stretches accross the stream while we wait for...


ME!!! There I am, at the back!


BUT, on the way up was a rather large steep and smooth section of rock that Richard struggles with on his road tyres. With me and paul pushing he eventually got up and joined the others at the top. Id just like to say i went straight up there, NO MESSIN'!

We stopped at the top and said our goodbyes. I think that was a very successful trip and everyone enjoyed thamselves. A few minor damages to a few trucks; 2 broken fog lights, bent bumper, smokey clutch and scratched side step. But hey, thats off roading!

I followed Paul back to Ashbourne, and was struggling to keep up with that Manta engine, God it absolutely FLYS!!! Hope to see everyone out again soon!