6th December 2003

I drove up to to the Fox House Inn, near Hathersage, to meet Chris French who was having my old 195/15 Technic Tracker MTs off me for his Vitara. We'd arranged to do a bit of laning while we were out there. We started off by going over the byway on Burbage Moor, just to get warmed up, and then moved on to Stannage Edge.

This was Chris' first time at 'proper' green laning!

Starting off along Stannage Edge


We get to the 'fun' bit


Expertly driven


Beautiful articulation, as Chris checks my line



Chris looks decidedly nervous as his turn approaches



Chris shows some articulation from his 2" lifted Vit.


The smell of fear...


Only a few scrapes of the underside, mainly suspension arms. Bet you can't wait to get those MTs on, eh Chris?!


Expertly guided!

After this, we do one more small lane and go straight to Chapplegate. Chris has a couple of 'moments' when he grounds out on the suspension arms. a few well placed rocks and a good shove from the back gets him up.


At the summit, going through the water splash


And going down the steps.

After this we do the newly repaired Roych Clough, which is now a nice gentle lane which can be done alone. The only problem is the many, many gates that need opening and closing. There has to be at least 10 of them on this one lane!

After this lane, it starts to get dusk, so we call it a day and drive into town for an all-day breakfast. Many thanks for that Chris! ;-) After the feast we go our separate ways and back home.