28/29th June 2003

That time of the year again! Once more the annual pilgrimage started with a convoy up the M1. I met up with the RhinoRiders lot from the south at J26. We eventually arrived at Tong slightly behind schedule thanks to a Mr Coopers navigational skills (or lack of!). We set up camp (for me read: parked truck in position) and said hello to the rest of the guys. And Debbie; who brought the strawberries!

Jons SPOA SJ, my Samurai sporting very shiny red chassis, sills, wheel arches, spring hangers etc etc. and Jamies Jimny.


Have you seen this nutter?




More dangerous than John Prescott: three students, lager, fire, and LIGHTER FUEL!


One of my revenue raising schemes, selling 'toast racks' (or 'tow straps' to other Derbyshire speaking folk) Nicely modeled by Jon (I think thats what hes doing) as James & Emms look on in wonder.


After a BBQ, what better than a game of drunken football?!

After much drinking it was time for bed. surprisingly comfy sleeping in the back of a Samurai! Although, it was VERY VERY cold.

Amazingly had a bit of a lie in on the sunday! didnt get up til quater-to-nine!!! After prepping the trucks it was time to go off roading. Debbie FORCED me to jump in with her to start with (Simon!) because she "gets bored on her own". We drove round a bit and found the hump which we drove over. and again. and AGAIN etc. 37 times in all when i stopped counting. AND i had to take a photo of each one! here they are...


When we eventually left that obstacle we found a stranded Jamie and Jimny in the lake.

You never see a Jimny off road, then three come along at once!

So Debbie decides to show everyone how to do the lake...


Next i start complaining "i want a go in my truck!" so Debbie reluctantly takes me back to the camp area (via the hump!) and she jumps in with me for a while. With Debbie navigating we somehow arrive at the hump again.
-- "Do it again" she nags persuades.
-- "OK" i say.
-- "Just once more and ill take a picture".
HINT: Dont argue with Debbie!

Well, it made for some good photos at least!


Next we come across James who is completely stuck!


Inside view


Jon tries yanking him out, and promptly busts an axle..


Dave pulls Jon out, who's lost front drive


Jamie steps up and assists in recovering James


While this is going on it transpires Daves lost electrical power, down to mud in the alternator. a bump-start gets the engine turning over so he can limp back to camp.


Back at camp we see a very clean Andy Whalley!

Debbie goes off in her own truck again and finds Dale stuck...

And then winched free.


A quick line up before we leave

We regroup and set off for home in a mini convoy consisting of me, Emms, Jamie and Dale. hope you liked the entertainment Emily?!

See you all next year!


* BIG thanks to Debbie for the photos *