23rd March 2003

The first trip up to Tong this year and the weather was perfect! Bright sunshine all afternoon. I arrived about 9.45 and met up with club member Rolande. after a brief chat i showed her around the easy tracks on the course. We departed to get on with driving. The first route i went down had a sign 'Bridge washed out, long vehicles look first' shouldnt be a problem in a samurai so very slowly i crept across. Dropped down a ledge and the inevitable bang of towbar electrics contacting the ground (i really must do somethng with them!) They ended up at right angles but at least they still work! hehe! Soon i met up with Rolande again perched on top of a steep desent! After contemplating it she decided she respected her Jimny too much to risk going down! (i dont blame you, its less than a year old!).

A quick stop for dinner then more off roading. I cant believe how capable my new MTs are in the mud! i did most of the medium runs and parts of some of the black runs without losing traction! the only limit to my progress was ground clearance. i met up with two more club members Laurel Freer and Mark Roper. We chatted for a bit then after another drive round it was time to go home.