29th / 30th / 31st August 2003

SUZUKI STORM had been given a club stand at this years National 4x4 Show organised by Tom McGuigan. It was decided we would team up and merge the stand with RhinoRiders, another Suzuki club who had been allowed to display.

From left to right: Debbies Samurai, Tims SJ, my Samurai, James Vitara, Nicks Vitara, Jons Samurai and Tristans Samurai. On the left you can just about make out Debbie bending down in front of Andy (!) with Susie, James and me looking on in wonderment!


Nick Ingram and Jon Gilbert from RhinoRiders. Jons 'my everyday road car' Samurai drew alot of attention with its rear coil over conversion 33" MTs on 10.5" rims and Nitrous Oxide kit! Also our very own Tristan on the right


A close up of my truck and James' with the Suzuki flags and cardboard Rhinos he sourced for out stand! many thanks for those mate!


Tristans revolving-shackle-clad Samurai with home made front bumper. very nicely done.