18th / 19th September 2004

Well I managed to source a replacement standard SJ transfer case to use while mine was out. However, I needed the speedo drive off my original one to fit it. After requesting it be sent back to me several times, it still didn't turn up in time for my birthday bash, so I was without a car.

Thanks to Dave Wright who kindly let me be his passenger for the weekend.

I met Dave at the Wagtail site midday on Saturday, and we set off to do some laning in the area (well, it would be rude not to, having travelled all that way!) We did a couple of nice gentle lanes and stopped for some dinner at a pub. The off we went, and did another nice lane, which had quite a deep muddy hole in it. After some careful driving and cunning navigating, we got Dave's SJ through.

We headed back to the Wagtail site and set up camp. Tim had arrived, and so had James Holloway and James & Mike Hatton. Greg turned up later.

Right, time for food


The BBQ was kept under control at all times

Quite a chilly night, but Dave's whisky put an end to that!

The next morning we had breakfast and the off roading began. Its at this point that Alex decides to show his face after promising to camp over.


James leaps-before-he-looks and needs to winch out.


Greg gets into the thick of it


And into the woods, Dave asks his navigator (that'll be me) which way to go. "That way, over there, you'll make it, just give it a bit of stick". Ah, right, errrm, no then.


James makes a bow-wave


T'other James being rescued after losing his Samurai in a hole

And that's all the pics I have! Its a shame more trucks couldn't make it after 18 or so said they would.