14 November 2004

Global Pursuits were running a charity event raising money for Children In Need. I want up in convoy with Greg, and met Chris French at the site who would be my passenger/cameraman and winch bitch for the day.

In the car park, I'm pulled to one side to have some pics taken of my truck. Ah, bless!


We set off on a trundle round the site, up and down some steep slopes.


There's also some nice gentle routes.


And twisty sections.


And more really steep slopes.


Posing for a photo.


Next I was heading down a gully, when Greg suddenly appeared above me in an ambush position.


Greg carried on straight ahead, and I followed.


A little further up, and this happened:


Its well and truly stuck!


A quick shout to super-Jimny...

...and he's free.



More exploring. There's quite a lot of water at this site, as it's actually in an old quarry.


More hills.


Greg helps this Samurai whose burnt out a clutch.


After another wander round, we come across Andy Bales and John who have gotten themselves into the same gulley that Greg ended up in. Even with the help of a ground anchor, Andy can't make it through as he burns his winch out.


Back to the car park, where I meet a certain Mike Bullivant with a tricked up Disco, who interrogates asks me about a couple of lanes in the Peaks. We swap details and carry on.


Another drive round and stop for a photo.

Then its time to leave.

I drop Chris off and the car park and call it a day.