21st / 22nd August 2004

Suzuki Storm were offered another stand at this years National 4x4 show. We decided to merge with Rhino Riders and Surrey Suzuki Society to make on big stand.

After a ridiculously early (sub 6am) start on the Saturday morning, and finding out that Diamond Backs don't grip too well on wet roads during heavy breaking with a trailer on the back, I found Nick Ingram marshalling at the gate, who pointed my in the right direction of the stand.

Jimny safely parked up, I went for a chat with the rest of the crew and waited for Debbie and Chris French to arrive. Then a wander round the rest of the show.

In the evening, the mud run opened. This was a large hole, made with a large digger, then filled with water. We watched various successful and less-successful attempts as Nick demonstrates.


Simon shows the only way to attack it is at speed


After all the excitement and the punters had gone home, we pitched camp at the end of the club stand. In keeping with tradition, my truck was my tent


We made our own 'wagon train' by surrounding the tents with vehicles!

And so the BBQ and cremation of food began. Thanks for the excellent kebabs, Chris and Karen!

It started to get dusk, so off to the beer tent we headed. A DJ was playing and also a pretty damn good Rhythm and Blues band called Stepping Out. We secured a prime table at the front, and drank, and talked and then drank some more.

The band finished and the DJ started taking requests. Being ardent Status Quo fans me and Chris sent Karen up to request a track. DJ comes on "I thought this next one was a wind up, but here's Status Quo for Matt" Cheeky get! I'm sure Debbie thought we were mad...

The next morning, and with a clear head I'll have you know, we set up the stand.


Chris with the excellent truck specs board he made


Debs, who borrowed this silver Samurai for the event, while 'Blue' is in bits. Turns out this Samurai only had 3 wheel nuts on each of the rear wheels!


Jimny parked up against James Hollands Vitara


Guess what else was there? MY SAMURAI!! I'm sure Simon though I was mad when I went up and hugged it! (really!)

On the Sunday afternoon, we participated in the tug-of-war match. There were 4 teams, us Suzuki guys, the Mahindra club, the Jap 4x4 club and some other group.

Dave was elected our ground anchor! We lost the first match, won the next 2, and lost the last, coming in second place. Thats Debs in the pic below (2nd from right, not the semi-naked one in the middle)

And that was it! Big thanks to Tom McGuigan for organising another great show