29th February 2004

I'd organised another club laning day in the Peaks, but only Andy and Greg took up the offer. It had been very cold recently and there was still some snow on the ground in places. This should make for a very exciting and picturesque day.

We met in a frozen carpark in Baslow.


As we got to the first lane the sun came out, and all the snow had already melted.


I open the gate leading onto another lane near Stoney Middleton. There was a scattering of snow still on the ground...


...which got deeper as the lane went into a sheltered area.


Next we went and drove a very cold and windy Burbage moor. A quick stop for a photo and cup of coffee before we set off again.


Onto the start of Stannage Edge, and the track was just a sheet of ice, this was a struggle even in 4wd!


Over the other side of the hill, the snow has mostly gone.


Andy shows some flex from his Vitara.




Me next





Followed by Greg



Next we head off through Castleton and on to Chapplegate.

We set off up the frozen track which was just sheer ice. We got to the second 'tier' of Chapplegate and sent Greg first as he hadn't done the track before. He got about half way up, when he lost all traction and could so no further. He reversed down to where we were waiting. As Greg came down a group of motorbikes came up and attempted the same stretch of lane, but to no avail.

As we were watching, a group of Landrovers appeared over the summit on their way down, whereupon this Disco promptly got stuck in one of the ruts. After some digging it was free again. Just then a group of Jeeps came up the track behind us. This was total grid lock with 3 groups of 4x4s and a load of motorbikes all in the same place. We managed to manoeuvre out, and decided to have a run at the lane from the other end.


We went round, and UP the steps, to descend Chapplegate. This was the angle that Andy was at most of the time on the way down!


At the bottom, we headed off back home.

It was a really nice day with ground conditions making a welcome challenge to the lanes. It was a shame only 2 other trucks could make it though.