24th July 2004

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the temp was high. Chris Moore had arranged to come up from Tamworth so I could show him some of the lanes that the Peaks have to offer. This was my first 'proper' outing in the Jimny, with freshly repainted roll cage!

We met up at Baslow (anyone spot a trend..?!) and headed off to the first lane, a byway going across Burbage Moor(e?)


Chris has a very VERY tidy black Samurai with a rare 1.3 fuel injected engine! hes fitted 3" lifted springs and 215 Colway MTs as well as a front mounted winch. An awsome machine it it too.

Chris goes (read: is forced) down Stannage Edge first


And shows some lovely articulation from those Calmini springs


Followed by my new toy, and what a FLEXy beast she is too


Rocks? what rocks?!


After Stannage Edge, we grab a (hugely overprice) bite to eat, and move onto Roych Clough. As we arrive (after a minor detour, thanks Jeff!) we find that it has been TRO'd. AGAIN!

So off on another detour and we get to the bottom of the steps. We go UP the steps (or crawl up them thanks to my rockcrawler gears ;o) and then down Chaplegate.


Half way down we stop for a quick natter and a ogle at the scenery, just as another group of 4x4s catch us up.


At the bottom we let them pass as we study the map to decide where we want to go next. Chris wanted some more lanes of the 'interesting' variety. So that decided it, we set off for Buxton, and then headed to Hollinsclough

Once again I send Chris up first, and after some serious tyre smoke he makes it!


And then back down


This lane sets us up nicely for Tenterhill


What a picturesque spot this is.


Notice the stream at the bottom which wets the tyres just before a nice steep climb up some loose, smooth rocks.


Picking the right line is essential. Err... did you hear that Chris?


Aproach and departure angles are certainly not an issue!


After this lane we start to head back to Ashbourne to pick up a couple of easy lanes. At the start of one we meet a Land Rover Lightweight also out for an afternoons laning. We stop for a natter and decide to do some lanes together. We take turns in opening the gates, and as the LR pulls over to let us pass, he gets, errm 'stuck'! haha! Being an old 2.25 petrol carb model, it floods on this incline


After a bit of muscle work, its free again and we carry on to do a couple more lanes. The last lane is a REALLY scratchy one, which you'd have struggled to have walked down in some places! We dont take any pictures as it was impossible to open the doors at some points down this track. After this we head off home.

Another satisfying days laning in the Peaks!