24th August 2004

Chris French came down for a days laning in the Peaks.

We did a couple of lanes around Baslow and found a pretty unusual thing, a lane with a diversion! This is because a quarry right at the side of the track is being excavated.


Onto Burbage moor, where theres a bit of water left over from the rain.


On to Stannage Edge, where some showing off is in order!


Nice, Chris, but not quite there!


Off down the track


Next we decided to drive up the steps and down Chaplegate


Light work with my 4-1 rockcrawlers


Chris makes it as well


Next we did Tenterhill. Those gears really are exceltional, no braking was needed going down Tenterhill.


Next we went on to do one last lane. Very easy track, I was in 1st gear hi-box 4wd when there was a very loud BANG BANG BANG and judders from somewhere underneath. I stopped, and had a look expecting to see the transfer case hanging off or a diff hanging out the axle. But no, no oil, nothing. I managed to get onto some tarmac, where I could crawl underneath and take the skid plate off and have a look. Every thing looked fine, Tcase mounts were good, props fine, axles still there etc.

A little drive down the road revealed a very rough and loose noise coming from the Tcase, but everything seemed to be turning again properly. I crept home at no more than 30mph.

Next day I took the Tcase out as this was definately the cause of the problem. It sounded rough when turning it by hand, and when draining the oil, several gear teeth came out!! The specially made gears had broken.

I have sent the Tcase off to Rob Storr to be looked at, as thats where it was made...