24 October 2004

Sadly no pics of this trip.

I met up with Andy Bales (Samurai) and his mate John (Land Rover) for some laning. One track took us through some very deep muddy water, over the front bumper in fact! Anyone who knows me will know what an achievement that is!

Later on we decided to drive through Bakewell river. There was a few people milling around, so I was made to go first as Andy 'doesn't like spectators' :rolls eyes:

The river was flowing fairly fast and looked deeper than I've seen it before. Ah well, I've been through in the Samurai, I'm sure the Jimny with its snorkel will be fine.

I start through in low range 1st gear. The water gets higher, up over the wheels and up the doors. eeek! The road also drops down near the far-side, and its at this point that water comes over the bonnet and the truck starts to float! Arrgh. I start to get a little concerned as the truck stops moving forward and starts to slide sideways towards the stone footbridge, I'm convinced I'm going to hydraulic the engine as water is flowing over the bonnet, and its at this point that I notice a flood of water pouring in through the Tcase gear lever gaiter. Bugger, wet carpets. Somehow the tyres find some traction and haul me out the other side much to my relief. Phew.

Never again.