14th March 2004

Another driving day at the fantastic Tong site in West Yorkshire.

I met up with Greg at IKEA carpark and we drove up in a mini convoy.


We arrived and met up with the usual crew, and had a chat while we waited for the site to open.


I went for a drive round, and ended up on this track that had an uphill section, lots of mud and a hump in the middle. I didnt have quite enough ground clearance to get over the hump, and didnt want to risk charging at it and ripping my Tcase off. So I tried to back out. But somehow I'd managed to come out of the ruts and became wedged between the hump and a tree. A passing Land Rover (yes, I know!) helpfully pulled me round so I could get out. Thanks for that whoever you were!

I pull up to watch Jamie self-recover


The end of the day and three mucky trucks!