27 March 2005

My kingpin bearings still aren't fixed, so I manage to blag a lift to Cowm Quarry with Richard in his G-Wagen. On the way in the bloke on the gate says "Stay out the peat bog, it's deep". Richard agrees...

We head off for a drive round the site, following Mark in his Jimny. Mark heads into a rather muddy bit and, errr, gets a little bit stuck. Richard drives around in front and pulls him free, whilst at the same time getting the G-Wagen stuck in a hole.

Hmmm. Richard, Isn't this the peat bog we were warned about?


Yes, it definitely is! That's a 31" tyre under there.


Mark pulls around to return the favour, but the G is well and truly stuck. All Mark ends up doing is pulling himself forward.


"Drive round and try pulling from behind" we instruct Mark.

Only trouble is, he fails to leave!


This is turning out to be a rather unsuccessful recovery if I do say so.


At this point we spot Dave with his lovely 9000lb winch. "That'll do!"

So I go an attract his attention, and direct him round to the G-Wagen. Only one slight problem, I manage to direct him into a deep and very soft bog!


The Crewcab ends up sitting on its axles. And after several failed attempts at winching off the black Samurai, the only direction it ends up going in is further down.


We try a different approach, after digging away some of the crap around the wheels, we manage to get 4 waffle boards in place. Eventually Dave manages to drive out under his own steam.


Whilst all this is going on, Richard is still in the same place as I left him! It's getting on for 2 hours later, now!

Eventually with the use of four (yes, four!) Land Rover and two winches, the G-Wagen is rescued.

Just in time that is for Mark to come a cropper once again, and then burn his clutch out.

Only one solution, winch him to solid ground.

Richard has to leave at this point to head off home.

So, to sum up: We came, drove into a bog, got stuck for 2 and a half hours, and then went home again. Cool!

Thanks for the entertainment Richard, and for being my chauffeur.