April 2005

Due to Langdale being a bit too far to travel for one day in the Jimny, I'd arranged to be Richard's passenger again in the G-Wagen.

After Ian rewelds a shock mount that broke on the way to the site, we set off in convoy for a play.


There's a nice deep hole to begin with.


Next we move onto one of the more extreme routes. Mike goes first and makes it look easy.


Now, as Richard has bust his hand, I'm delegated to responsibility of working the difflocks.

"Rear locker in" and off we go.

About two thirds of the way down, we come to a gentle halt. "Front wheel's not spinning" yells Mike from the end of the run. Right, front locker in then. "Neither front wheels are spinning" yells Mike, again.

A quick glance at the transmission tunnel reveals the problem - 2wd High!!

Doh! Well at least I did my bit right!


A quick tow from Mike and we're out.


Butch gets stuck in the same hole at the G-Wagen did. In fact, owing to the weight of it, the G-Wagen probably MADE the hole.


Once we're all through, time for a break and some food. And we're joined by the rest of the crew.


A few more nice, yet very bumpy, tracks follow.


We find ourselves on an open route with a very deep water-filled hole. Butch goes first...


And what's that, needs rescuing by a SUZUKI? ;-)


Ian tries to winch the Land Rover through using a snatchblock, but rips his own bumper off.


Mike also needs to winch through.


Followed by Richard.


All safely through.


Next we go and have a look at 'the hill', and for a spot of rock-posing.

We tackle one more track going down the side of a hill, and then call it a day.

We head back to Richard's via Dolby Forest, and then home. Thanks again for the seat Richard!