26 June 2005

Jon and Alex had arranged to be my passenger at this years Rhino Rally, as Jon's SJ is still not roadworthy.

Here he is, below, doing a monkey impression by the looks of things!?

We set off for a gentle amble around the site.


We soon bump into Mark in his Jimny.


And also join up with Andy to do some driving in convoy.


This track doesn't go exactly to plan as I bounce off the first log, which knocks the truck to the right, and I land in a hole. A quick tug from Mark and we're free.


What a picture!


It's getting near dinner time so we head to the main area and park the trucks in the concourse judging zone, while we eat and have a nosy.


Debbie 'Errm... about two weeks" Cairnes brings her new rust-free SJ down for the Show and Shine competition. In case you didn't see it, this truck has: wood trim; fitted wooden cabinets; a TV; numerous switches/spotlights/dials/gadgets; a sprinkler system for the engine (and a separate one for the winch!!); shiny chrome trim and too much more to mention.


The modified 'Show and Grime' section.



And guess who wins the Show and Shine!? Yes, it's Debs!


After dinner, we head off for some more off roading.


Through the woods...


...O'er hill and dale.


When we come to this! Mark attempts it, but can't quite make it through due to a badly placed tree root. That's Mark there, the short-arse in the middle!


A little further round we come across this stuck SJ. I reverse up the track to give him a pull.


And he's guided out.


We head into the middle of the site.


And Mark becomes delayed by another section, and gets hauled out by Andy.


Yes, I do know who put that handprint on my back, Debra!


Emerging from the trees.


Nice little track this!


Before we know it, 4pm has come around and it's time to leave. We head back to the camping area to say goodbye, and Jon show off his ever-so-slightly chavvy Peugeot.