6 February 2005

Chris Moore and Jeff Malin had kindly invited me down to do some lanes around the West Midlands area.

We met up and did the first lane which took us down a muddy rutted track, and then along the edge of a field.


After a couple more lanes, we reach this BOAT.


All is going well, the track is a bit muddy but has a firm base, when suddenly we reach a rutted section, and forward motions ceases.


Hmmm. Well I attach the winch cable to Chris's Samurai and... nothing happens. Damn, the winch has stopped working now! We use Chris's winch and I'm free.


We do a few more lanes including a rather nice ford which Chris uses to wash his truck! Then park up at the end of the last lane.

A surprisingly muddy day at that!


A quick stop at Macdonalds for some "food" before we head off home.

Thanks for a great day guys! shame about the odd technical problem!